Best Cheap Air Conditioners Under $100, $200, and $300

Everybody wants to have the best cheap air conditioners under $100 after spending the whole day in the scorching summer heat. It has become crucial to have an air conditioner at home to help you survive the hot and humid summers. But with the increased prices everyone can’t buy an expensive air conditioner.

While an expensive air conditioner comes with various new and exciting features, that certainly doesn’t mean you need to buy a costly model.

You can buy a budget-friendly model of air conditioner which will fight the heat just as well as its expensive counterpart. And you should know that there are numerous cheap but worthy options available out there. You have to invest your money in the right one.

To help you make a worthy purchase, we will enlist some of the best air conditioners for under 300, 200, and 100 dollars in this article.

Here are Cheap air conditioners under $100

1.   Ontel Arctic Air Pure Chill Evaporative Ultra-Portable Personal Air Cooler

Finding a high-quality air conditioner under a limited budget range is such a headache. Here, we present you with the best cheap window air conditioners under $100. Do not underestimate the air conditioner with its compact size. The small body can turn dry-hot air to chill and refresh instantly.

The whisper-quiet performance is the cherry on the top feature. The maximum noise rate Ontel personal air pure chill air conditioner offers is 55dB. Using multi-directional air vents, you can adjust the air the way you want.

Moreover, the Ontel personal portable air conditioner under $100 also takes care of the humid level in the room. When filling the top water tank full, the air conditioner can run up to 10-hours continuously.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • LED light control
  • Runs up to 10-hours
  • Removes 15% of air dirt


  • Chill air, not cold

2.   Evapolar evaCHILL Portable Conditioner Small Personal Evaporative Air Cooler

Are you living in an area where you experience hot and dry air? Get this 3-in-1 cheap portable air conditioner under $100 and solve all your issues. This air conditioner features innovative technology, the Eva Breeze.

Eva Breeze is a new evaporating material, free from toxic chemicals per the health standards. The personal compact air conditioner can cover up to 45 sq. ft.

Place the air conditioner on your nightstand and rest assured about leakage as the body is leak-proof. The large water tank runs for 9 hours continuously. You can even use the cheap portable air conditioner under $100 as a night lamp at nighttime.


  • 100% safe vapors
  • Leak-proof
  • 3-in-1 performance
  • Touch control panel


  • Running hours could be more
  • Complex speed levels

3.   AddAcc 5000mAh Portable Air Conditioner

Why depend on electricity to use the air conditioner? Invest in a rechargeable to enjoy chill air 24/7. The capacity of the water tank is 700ml which runs up to freaking 12 hours.

The 500mAh battery offers a performance of 4-6 hours. To charge the battery, use a USB charger. For speed adjustment, you have three modes. This air conditioner under $100 can chill the room up to 8 degrees Celsius at the highest level.

The energy consumption rate is only 10-watts, perfect to save electricity costs. With the innovative touch panel, alter the settings at one touch.


  • Wireless rechargeable air conditioner
  • Three-speed controls
  • 120-degrees adjustable oscillation
  • Top-fill tank


  • Battery life could be more

4.   Nordic Hygge AirChill Cooler Evaporative Portable Personal Air Conditioner and Humidifier Fan

Lightweight and compact style never make an air conditioner the best air conditioner under $100. It has to be efficient and dead-silent in performance. Amazingly, the Nordic Hygge air conditioner is exactly what we are talking about!

This piece is a 4-in-1 champion. The in-built filter will clean your air, make it chill, adjust the humid level, and the LED lights perform as a night lamp. Seven colors of the LED lights create a unique atmosphere in the room.

The usage is pretty simple than even a non-tech person can use. Moreover, the noise production rate is only 5dB. The high-speed nine cooling blades chill the room instantly.


  • Leak-proof
  • Whisper-quiet performance
  • Highly portable and powerful
  • 9-cooling blades
  • 7-colors light modes


  • Poor speed controls

5.   Portable Air Conditioner, Personal Air Conditioner With 600Ml Water Tank

If you are tight on budget but don’t want to compromise on the quality, nothing can be more idyllic than this cheap window air conditioner under $100 with a 600ml water tank by Nuaer.

The design of the air conditioner is like a briefcase, making it the best portable air conditioner under $100. The wide-open mouth air outlet delivers chill and speedy air. Alter the settings per demand with the supported control panel at the front. The maximum noise ratio Nuaer portable air conditioner offers is 25dB.

Not to mention, you also got an in-built timer. The 7 LED ambient lights, when changing colors at nighttime, give heartwarming vibes. The running life of the water tank is 8 hours with 3-speed controls.


  • In-built timer
  • 7 LED ambient lights
  • 25dB noise ratio
  • Portable design with handle
  • 3-in-1 operation


  • Quality could be better

Cheap air conditioners under $200

6.   Amazon Basics Window-Mounted Air Conditioner with Mechanical Control

On the list of the best cheap portable air conditioners under $200, the first best we have is Amazon basics Window-Mounted air conditioner. The dimension of the window AC is only 15.98 x 13.19 x 12.05 inches, perfect to fit windows.

The efficient power unit can cover rooms of 150 sq. ft. British. For reliable performance the thermal Power Unit powers the cooling processor. The in-built filter present cleans the air before chilling it.

If you feel the filters are dirty and not chilling the room the way they should, detach them and wash them with water. Voltage consumption is 115 only volts.


  • Window-mounted design
  • British thermal power unit
  • 24-hours run time
  • Easy to manage control panel


  • Not recommended for portability
  • Not durable in performance

7.   Emerson Quiet Kool 5,000 BTU 115V Window Air Conditioner

Proceeding with the list of the best cheap window air conditioners under $200, now we are highlighting the features of Emerson Quiet Kool 5,000 BTU window air conditioner.

Noisy performance has never been the feature of Emerson Quiet Kool 5,000 BTU window air conditioner. The maximum noise ratio you will encounter is 50 dB on installing this window air conditioner.

Adjusting the temperature has never been that easy with the variable temperature controller. Moreover, the special filters will reduce the excessive moist level from the air up to 1.3 pints/hour.


  • Humid controller
  • Dead-quiet performance
  • Dial temperature controller
  • 2-year compressor warranty


  • No remote controller

8.   LG 5,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner with Manual Controls

LG has always been a champ when it comes to offering high-quality electronic gadgets. With a user-friendly design and slim-sleek body, LG 5,000 BTU cheap portable air conditioner under $200 is a must to add to the bedroom.

The best part about this air conditioner is the compatibility with Alexa and LG apps. No need to use the dial controller. Connect the air conditioner with your smartphone and enjoy the couch comfort.

The maximum noisy performance rate is 50 dB. About electricity consumption rate, LG 5,000 BTU is energy star rated. The modern design perfectly suits the interior of your room.


  • User-friendly design
  • Remote controller
  • Alexa compatible
  • Multiple fan speed


  • Coverage could be more

9.   NewAir Portable Evaporative Air Cooler with Fan & Humidifier

Here, we are offering something different from ordinary window air conditioners under $200. Amazing, right? NewAir portable Evaporative air cooler is not just an air cooler but a built-in humidifier as well.

The air cooler covers large rooms of 300 sq. ft. effortlessly. The Evaporative cooler works with a remote controller. You can set the running hours as much as you want using the in-built timer.

The body is plastic yet reliable and durable in quality. The per-minute air coverage is 1000 cubic/feet; about the water tank at the back, it has a 5.3 gallons capacity.


  • Remote controller
  • Eco-friendly evaporative
  • Best portable air conditioner under $200
  • Perfect for all rooms


  • Water capacity could be more

10.                Evapolar EvaLIGHT Plus EV-1500 Personal Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier

When looking at this best portable air conditioner under $200 for the first time, you will be like, yes, that’s what I need for my nightstand! The best point about this air conditioner is the effortless installation.

The 3-in-1 performance mode (cool air, humid controller, and night lamp) saves the money you invest in a humidifier and night lamp. The air coverage range is 45 sq. ft.

The water tank is super large and covers the whole night’s comfy sleep. You can safely place the air conditioner on the nightstand as the body is 100% leak-proof. To mention, the overall body weight is only 3.1 pounds.


  • Leak-proof
  • Lightweight and compact body
  • 3-in-1 performance mode
  • Effortless installation
  • Energy efficient


  • Poor customer support

Cheap air conditioners under $300

11.                LG 6,000 BTU 115V Window Air Conditioners

The list of the best cheap portable air conditioners under $300 is incomplete without mentioning this product. Firstly, the air conditioner operates with a remote controller.

The performance rate is dead-silent, all thanks to 52 dB. You got a total of 3-speed controls; using the speed settings, you can manage the fan speed and direction. In case you have a power failure, rest assured about the air conditioner. LG LW6017R features an auto restart mode to continue the performance from where it dropped.

About what room size LW6017R can cover, that is up to 260 square feet. The design of this LG best cheap air conditioner under $300 is to fit windows. The overall dimension is 14.38 x 17.31 x 11.13 inches with 39.6 pounds weight.


  • Ideal size to fit windows
  • Can cover medium rooms effortlessly
  • Remote controller
  • Auto-restart mode in power failure


  • Rusty racks issues

12.                GE Electronic Air Conditioner for Window

GE offers electronic controls, energy-efficient cooling, adjustable lower combined with auto-restart and ECO mode.

The GE Electronics air conditioner for windows is ideal for cooling small rooms. The 6,000 BTU capacity enables this air conditioner to successfully cool down rooms with a maximum area of 250 square meters.

The simple digital controls paired up with remote control make it super easy to change and adjust the settings from anywhere in the room. Moreover, the filter reminder feature sends you a notification every time the filter needs to be changed so that you can enjoy maximum cooling.


  • Automatic energy-saving mode
  • Easy installation process
  • Easy to use remote control


  • It comes with a short warranty

13.                Haier Electronic Window Air Conditioner, 6,000 BTU

Quiet, economical, easy to use, and ideal for small rooms. Thanks to the 6,000 BTU energy capacity, the Haier electronic window AC does a fantastic job of cooling down small rooms having an area of 250 square meters.

The Haier portable air conditioner under $300 comes with an energy-efficient cooling system that allows you to have complete control over the fan and cooling speeds. On top of that, the energy saver mode automatically turns off the compressor once the desired temperature is reached.

You can set the airflow direction according to your preference due to the presence of two-way adjustable lowers. This air conditioner has a filter change reminder feature to ensure optimum cooling. This feature lets you know when the filters need to be cleaned for maximum working.


  • ECO Friendly
  • Maximum comfort cool
  • Digital controls
  • Easy to clean
  • Super quiet


  • Low cooling when the AC is on low, medium settings

14.                Frigidaire FHPC082AB1 Portable Air Conditioner

You can effortlessly move the Frigidaire Portable air conditioner around the house to cool down different chambers. This 8,000 BTU portable air conditioner under $300 works best for cooling small rooms. The three different fan speeds ensure you get the most out of this air conditioner.

Frigidaire Portable air conditioner works just fine on a low voltage and provides sufficient cooling. The remote control operates well from anywhere within the room despite the distance from the air conditioner.

The remote control does boost the user experience; however, the installation process can be a little confusing. The plastic exhaust pipe provided with the air conditioner heats up very quickly, so you need to be careful about that.


  • Effectively cools down small rooms
  • Portable
  • ETL listed
  • It comes with a window slider kit


  • Very loud
  • Exhaust pipe heats up quickly

15.                LG LW6019ER Energy Star Rated 6,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

The LG Energy star-rated window air conditioner offers a 6,000 BTU performance and cools down the rooms up to 260 square ft. It comes with washable air filters that make the cleaning process more manageable. The Energy saver mode turns the fan on and off after a few minutes to reduce the power consumption.

The LG Energy Star window AC is super-quiet when running on the lowest air setting. It comes with remote control for easy switching between different modes. The installation process is also quite simple and doesn’t require much effort.

There are various modes to choose from, which give you the freedom to maintain the temperature and cooling of your choice.


  • 1-year official warranty
  • Energy star rating
  • Efficiently cools down 1-2 rooms
  • Effortless installation


  • Only quiet on the lowest setting

Things to Look for When Buying an Air Conditioner

It would be best if you considered a few essential things when buying an air conditioner so that it may fulfill all your needs and work to its maximum. Even the best air conditioner may not work for you without considering these factors.

This buying guide contains the most important things to look for before buying the best air conditioner under $100, $200, or $300 so that you may purchase the one that best suits your needs.

Type of Air conditioner

Before buying an air conditioner, the most important thing is to consider what type of Aircon is best for you. The four different types of air conditioners available in the market are listed below.

  1. Wall/window AC is the most affordable option available out there. It works best when installed in a window or an external wall. A window AC will efficiently cool a small-medium room.
  2. The split system usually consists of an outdoor compressor and an indoor unit. These ACs are installed on a wall inside the room. These air units are more expensive and are quieter than the window ACs. A split system can cool down spaces up to 60 square meters.
  3. Multi-split usually has an outdoor unit connected to two or more indoor units. If you are looking for an AC that can cool down 2-3 rooms simultaneously, you can consider buying a multi-split air conditioner.
  4. The Ducted Air Conditioning System is the most expensive of all the options. It is ideal for air conditioning in large homes. This system consists of a central unit connected to several other units with the help of ducts.

Before buying an AC, make sure you consider the details like room space for a smooth user experience.

Best Cheap Air Conditioners Under $100

Capacity and Noise Level

Before buying an air conditioner, you should consider things, like the room’s capacity. The size and type of the room, the number of glass doors and windows present in the room, and whether the ceilings and walls are insulated or not affect how well the AC works.

If the AC chosen for the room is too big, it will keep turning on and off. On the other hand, if the AC is too small, it will not cool the room well and consume more power.

When buying an AC, you also need to consider its noise level. If you want something quiet, you should avoid a window AC as the window ACs are relatively louder than Split AC.

Cost and warranty

Consider your budget so that you may not end up breaking the bank. If you are on a tight budget, you can look into buying a wall/window AC as these are the cheapest option out there. A window AC might not contain all the exciting features, but it will successfully cool down the room.

If you want an AC for two or more rooms and can afford something more expensive, consider buying a split AC or a multi-split. Those who want an air conditioner for a large house can invest in a ducted air cooling system. Please remember that a ducted air conditioning system is the most expensive option out there.

Energy-efficient and inverter technology

The AC you are about to buy should have an energy label. This label will help you find out the efficiency of the AC. When buying an air conditioner, you should consider purchasing the one with a 12 or 12+ EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating.

Buying a regular AC or an inverter also determines the price point of an air conditioner. You’ll notice that inverters are more expensive than standard ACs. This price difference is because inverters consume one-third less power than regular ACs, which helps you save some money.

A few other essential factors to consider before buying an AC include blower size, Installation, dehumidification function, easy to clean filters, etc.

Our Pick

Are you still unsure which one of these cheap window ACs you should buy? Here’s our pick!

You can go for;

  1. Ontel personal air pure chill air conditioner
  2. Amazon basics Window-Mounted air conditioner
  3. GE Electronics Air Conditioner for the window

They are quiet, economical, easy to install, and easy to use. The remote control is also very slim, and you can easily use it to change the modes/settings while sitting across the room.

However, you may not like these air conditioners because your priorities may differ. Whatever AC you end up choosing, make sure you are satisfied with it.


The increased temperature all over the globe has made it impossible to combat the summer heat without using an air conditioner. An air conditioner has now become a necessity for almost all households.

Realistically speaking, not everyone can spend thousands of dollars on an AC. So for those of you who are on a tight budget, you can consider buying the less expensive air conditioners. There is a wide variety of good options available in the marketplace at a very affordable price.

You have to choose the one that would suit your needs carefully. Take a glance at the buying guide to figure out what option works best for you and make a worthy purchase. For more keep Visiting Swordfish Tech USA


What are cheap window ACs?

The affordable, more pocket-friendly window ACs are called cheap window ACs. Air conditioners ranging under 100-300 dollars usually fall under this category.

Cheap air conditioner to buy?

Some of the best window AC you can consider for buying include;

  1. Emerson Quiet Kool 5,000 BTU 115V Window Air Conditioner
  2. TOSOT 10,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner
  3. LG LW6019ER Energy Star Rated 6,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner
  4. Amazon Basics Window-Mounted Air Conditioner with Mechanical Control

Why are window units bad?

Some window units/ACs can be super loud. Window ACs are usually placed in open windows, so they also weaken your house security. Moreover, the conditioned air might not always be clean if you live in an industrial area.

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